Sunday, April 17, 2011



  1. I love the concept of your blog and relate very strongly to it! One suggestion though this might be just my own fantasy within what is already a niche fantasy... the men are not always subjected to feminisation by magical means but either coerced or agree to become transvestite wives of Muslim men. The burqa and niqab are excellent ways of allowing a TV to pass as a woman - with hot sex reserved for the privacy of their lives with their husbands.

  2. This Yahoo group is relevant to your interests, Nancy:

  3. Thanks for your support Nancy ^_^
    Unfortunately, crossdressing doesn't quite coincide with my fantasies so much (at least, not anymore. I would crossdress when I was younger, and I guess I found it wasn't enough for me), so you won't be finding a large number of transvestite captions on this blog, though I may make a few in the future for the sake of the readers who enjoy it.

    -Red Ochre