Friday, August 5, 2011

Images and Suggestions

Sorry for not having another caption at the moment, but I'm here to make a request of all my readers.

I would like people to make suggestions of what kind of captions I should make. You can make suggestions about the story, the format, the type of veiling, anything I've done previous that you would like to see again, and so forth.

Also, if you want, you can link to any images you enjoy or that you would like to see used in a caption.

I can't guarantee that all suggestions will be honored, but I can say that a large amount of suggestions would help to boost my creativity and allow for more captions.

Furthermore, if anyone is feeling creative themselves, I would also be willing to post guest captions on this site, as long as they are tasteful, on topic, and abide by the rules (which you can find in the paragraph at the top of my other blog: Transracial and Cross-Cultural TG)

Thank you for your support.

-Red Ochre

Wednesday, April 6, 2011




The Woods of Purdah

This a TG caption that originally appeared on my other blog, and I have decided to repost it here.

Muslim TG Captions

Hello and welcome to Muslim TG Captions. This is an offshoot of my other blog: Transracial and Cross-Cultural TG captions, that focuses only on transformations in which a white, non-Muslim male becomes a Muslim female through magic or other means. I decided to make this second blog because TG media with a Muslim veil and headscarf theme, even under the subcategory of Transracial and Cross-Cultural TG, don't seem to be incredibly popular with the same audience, and yet, I find them incredibly appealing. Because of this, instead of overflowing my other blog with such captions, I've decided to create a separate blog to cater to those fans of hijab TG and leave Transracial and Cross-Cultural TG for other types.

I should mention these captions usually won't be of the same quality of my others. There won't be as much text, the prose won't be as elegent, and so forth, since this blog is not my major focus. Also, this will allow me to put forth more captions of this nature.

DISCLAIMER: This site is meant to cater to a niche fantasy. It is not meant to insult, criticize, or make any statement about Islam or any other religious or social ideology. I have the utmost respect for Islam and will try to represent that in these captions.